I am passionate about creating rewarding experiences for people across a variety of digital media. My specializations are in visual design, WordPress website development, email marketing, and digital business strategy.

The fast paced realms of contemporary design, web programming, marketing strategy, and digital culture keep me busy with constant research and learning. As a strong visual thinker and verbal communicator, I have developed many techniques over the years to help bring creative and strategic solutions to complex design and marketing challenges, while staying within budgets and helping people enjoy the process.

Over the years, I have worked on over 200 projects for businesses, medical organizations, University leaders, First Nations associations, non-profits, art galleries, national research facilities, government organizations, conferences, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the creative sectors.

Showing others how to harness technology and design to express their ideas and advance their businesses brings me so much joy and satisfaction. I teach workshops in digital media productivity tools, online security, graphic design, and contemporary video. While working at the University of Saskatchewan for nearly a decade, I developed the initial curriculum and taught the coursework for a new class on campus that focused on design fundamentals and production tools for web design and digital imaging. One on one coaching is another way that I help others to advance their skill sets. It is incredibly rewarding for me when I feel my work empowering others to look at technology as an exciting playground as well as a business tool.

I love the feeling of having a bold idea come to life, and I am not afraid of working hard to make things happen. From making catalogs and workbooks as a child to making websites, print materials, and interactive art today, design makes my creative energy bloom and my mind buzz with ideas.

Oh yes…I am also an internationally exhibited audiovisual performance artist. You can find out more about my artistic practice on my VJing website.

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