Social Media Marketing Videos and GIFs

It’s entirely true that video has changed the way that social media works, especially on Facebook. It’s pretty amazing how effective video can be at engaging your audience. When you need to really capture people’s attention on social media, video is definitely a great way to get some eyeballs on your message. Animated GIFs are also a cool way to create movement in your promotional toolkit.

I can create all sorts of video content for your social media marketing campaigns, including custom shot live footage that I edit, text and animation based motion graphics, simple image slideshows, or pretty much anything else you can imagine.

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Music Videos

Creating music videos for bands, DJs, and solo musicians is an incredibly fun way for me to showcase the skills I’ve learned as a live video artist in a more structured way. I love making music videos that are sound-interactive, to enhance the feeling one gets from the beat and frequencies that are unique to each song.

Live Video Art Performances

Looking to really wow your audience at an event? I’ve got what you need to truly impress. I create live video art performances for runway shows, festivals, and other special events. I work closely with event coordinators to create custom video art that is mixed live to the music and responds to the environment. I can also integrate logos, text, and custom graphics to create fast paced interaction between the environment, music, and audience.

Since the early 2000s, I’ve been an internationally exhibiting audiovisual performance artist. You can find out more about that side of my life over on my art website.

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