Logos and Full Branding Kits

A brand is much more than a logo, but a logo is a great place to start. When I develop visual branding materials for my clients, I start by asking a lot of questions about the kind of personality that they want to present and what that should feel like as their customers experience the brand across different platforms.

I have developed a special recipe for working in teams and with individuals for creating meaningful ways to capture consistent brand identities across all platforms. This process results in guidelines that are easy to follow and communicate to other people on the team.

As for the logo design itself, I sketch out several options for my clients to choose one before rendering it as a high quality professional vector that can be used anywhere without any loss of quality on resizing.

Other elements I offer in a full branding kit are letterhead, business cards, Powerpoint templates, and any other types of templated materials that are needed in order to give my clients the most versatility they need in order to make a professional, consistent impression wherever their brand is present.

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Marketing Brochures

Sometimes your business requires a something a bit more than a business card and a conversation to be able to stick in people’s minds and remind them of all that you have to offer. I’ve made countless brochures of many types for all sorts of clients and I find them a lot of fun to design. Let’s create something that speaks in your voice to explain all of the things that you offer to your clients.

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Book and Journal Design

Creating high resolution graphics and layouts for journal covers and full length books requires a strong eye for typography and an intimate knowledge of professional layout software. I’d love to work with you and your publisher to design attractive layouts, cover imagery, and layouts for your next project.

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Electronic Press Kits (EPKs)

When you need slick way to present your work to organizations that are thinking of hiring you, the best way to do it is often with an electronic press kit (EPK). Whether you are an artist, an academic, or a business, nothing beats having a tightly visually branded PDF with high resolution image download links and embedded media to show off what you’ve got to offer in a compelling way.

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Album Graphics

Designing graphics for music projects can be tricky in more than a few ways. Let me help you create compelling, clean, and unique designs for your music projects that will look incredible when printed. I can create booklet style jackets for any type of disc jacket and I can create social media friendly imagery for you to help promote your project online.

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