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I am passionate about designing interesting interactive experiences for people across a variety of mediums.

I specialize in information architecture, project management, and creating bespoke visual branding and layout for the web. Since the early 2000s, I have worked on over 150 projects for academia, conferences, medical organizations, Aboriginal associations, musicians, music labels, and fine artists. I have also taught and developed curriculum for part of a new course at the University of Saskatchewan, focusing on introductory techniques and concepts in web design and digital imaging.

I am also an internationally exhibited audiovisual performance artist. You can find out more about my artistic practice on my VJing website.

My passion for contemporary design, information architecture, and digital culture keeps me busy with constant research, learning, and creation. I am highly organized and a strong strategic, visual, and verbal communicator. I have developed and hybridized many custom techniques over the years to help develop creative solutions to project management and production, while appreciating working alone or within team environments. I love the feeling of having a bold idea come to life, and I am not afraid of working hard to make things happen. From making catalogs and workbooks as a child to making websites, print materials, and interactive art today, design makes my creative energy bloom and my mind buzz with ideas.

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