Carrie Gates on Swiss "Meet the Artists" Talk Show, 2012

Carrie Gates on Swiss “Meet the Artists” Talk Show, 2012

I am passionate about designing interesting interactive experiences for people across a variety of mediums.

Currently employed as a Designer at eMAP at the University of Saskatchewan in the New Media Group, I specialize in information architecture, project management, and creating bespoke visual branding and layout for the web. Over the years in my practice, I have worked on many websites for academia, conferences, medical organizations, and Aboriginal associations. I have also taught and developed curriculum for part of a new course at the University of Saskatchewan, focusing on introductory techniques and concepts in web design and digital imaging.

Sometimes I do freelance projects outside of my day job at eMAP when I am really excited about something that feels right.

My freelance projects are custom websites for small businesses, artists, musicians, and music labels.

I am also an internationally exhibited audiovisual performance artist. You can find out more about my artistic practice at my VJing website.

My passion for contemporary design, information architecture, and digital culture keeps me busy with constant research, learning, and creation.  I am highly organized and a strong strategic, visual, and verbal communicator.  I have developed and hybridized many custom techniques over the years to help develop creative solutions to project management and production, while appreciating working alone or within team environments. I love the feeling of having a bold idea come to life, and I am not afraid of working hard to make things happen. From making catalogues and workbooks as a child to making websites, print materials, and interactive art today, design makes my creative energy bloom and my mind buzz with ideas.

“Carrie is organized, energetic and talented – in my estimation, she’s one of the best artists currently working with contemporary technology in Canada.”

Dr.  Garnet Hertz

Background and Training


  • Member of the eMAP team who won the Sask Interactive Award in 2009 for e-Gaming / Interactive Entertainment.
  • Placed in Top Three for  category of Best Artist (New Media) in Planet S People’s Choice Awards, 2010 and 2011
  • Awarded several grants by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Saskatchewan Arts Board for independent new media and curatorial projects.


  • Workshop facilitator in VJing and experimental sound art at galleries, festivals, high schools, and universities
  • Currently  creating curriculum and teaching a lab section in Photoshop and basic web design skills in a new course at the University of Saskatchewan in basic digital media production
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  • published in a peer-reviewed journal for design and human-computer interaction
  • contributed heavily to the rewriting of the Wikipedia entry on VJing during a Wiki Sprint in Geneva, later publishing a book with the text we developed

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  • Public speaker for educational institutions on topics such as creativity and inspiration in motion graphics, the history of vinyl record sculpture, copyleft/copyright debates in the arts, and independent digital music publishing.

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“Carrie was hired to design our new website. Our web presence is spread across two servers, which was challenging to say the least. Carrie’s patience, profound knowledge and creativity carried the day. We had daily conversations and not once did I get the feeling I was wearing her down or frustrating her. I felt very comfortable with the service she provided and the knowledge she shared with me, which made me a shining star at my own workplace. I would highly and cheerfully recommend Carrie Gates as a very creative web-designer, she has a gift. She is also a world class mentor.”

Dean Fey



I have more examples of most of these types of work, so let me know if you would like to see them.

  • Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative

    Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative

    All, Business, Web

  • Maria Chavez Website

    Maria Chavez Website

    All, Music

  • Oceanic Experience Wellness

    Oceanic Experience Wellness

    All, Business, Medical, Web

  • NAISA 2013 Conference

    NAISA 2013 Conference

    All, Conferences, Education, Indigenous, Web

  • Smile Stealers Website

    Smile Stealers Website

    All, Experimental, Web

  • Prostate Cancer Patient Treatment Form

    Prostate Cancer Patient Treatment Form

    All, Education, Medical, Print, Web

  • Illustrated Portraits of Friends

    Illustrated Portraits of Friends

    All, Illustration

  • Canada Rural Economy Research Website

    Canada Rural Economy Research Website

    All, Education, Illustration, Web

  • Aboriginal Research Resources Website

    Aboriginal Research Resources Website

    All, Education, Illustration, Indigenous, Print, Web

  • VJ Carrie Gates Website

    VJ Carrie Gates Website

    All, Web

  • CANHEIT Conference Website

    CANHEIT Conference Website

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  • Cobalt-60 at 60 Website

    Cobalt-60 at 60 Website

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  • eMAP Website

    eMAP Website

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  • Enchanted Groove Poster

    Enchanted Groove Poster

    All, Illustration, Music, Print

  • SAWK Transmedia Production Lab Prototypes

    SAWK Transmedia Production Lab Prototypes

    All, Experimental, Illustration, Web

  • Pop Quiz Records Music Label Website

    Pop Quiz Records Music Label Website

    All, Music, Web

  • Red Frame Media, Inc. Website

    Red Frame Media, Inc. Website

    All, Business, Indigenous, Web

  • Walter Murray Celebration Website

    Walter Murray Celebration Website

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  • Nicky Click Website

    Nicky Click Website

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  • Club OK Poster for LUX

    Club OK Poster for LUX

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  • Emma Lake Website

    Emma Lake Website

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  • Krystallax Invasion Game

    Krystallax Invasion Game

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  • Church of Electrons Logo

    Church of Electrons Logo

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  • NINTENDISCO 2 Poster

    NINTENDISCO 2 Poster

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  • Vinyl Interventions Trio Album Cover Layout

    Vinyl Interventions Trio Album Cover Layout

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  • Floors and Frames Album Cover Layout

    Floors and Frames Album Cover Layout

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  • TasteTest Poster

    TasteTest Poster

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  • My First GIF

    My First GIF

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